Organized 8 editions of The-Party, one of Duh-Events’ own events, and the biggest PC gaming event in Benelux territory (sold out each edition for 1,400 participants). Main focus on main stage shows, esports strategy, sponsorships, and streaming area.

Project Details

While working for: Duh-Events B.V.
Roles: Event Manager, Esports Manager, Crew Manager, Main Stage, Website, Sales
Software and apps used: WordPress, Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, Vegas Pro, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Discord


  • Deciding on which tournaments to organize for each edition, including deciding upon prizing per tournament and designing prize cheques for winners.
  • Head referee for all tournaments, managing a team of volunteers and making final calls on issues during tournaments
Esports broadcasting at The-Party

3rd place winners during a prize ceremony, winning 200 euros each

Streamer Area

  • Inviting Twitch streamers to visit the event and stream from a dedicated Streamer Area
  • Taking care of streamers’ needs regarding hardware and software
  • Planning photoshoots for the streamers to use cool portraits for next editions’ communication
Streamer ‘Kratt Gaming’

Streamer ‘KaosApe’

Main Stage

  • Hosting the opening and closing (prize ceremony) of the event for multiple editions.
  • Organizing multiple Cosplay Contests, including stage fire, photoshoots, videoshoots, and self-made projector content (photo/video).
  • Commercial stage moments for clients like Acer, Logitech, FRITZ!, and ASUS.
  • Entertainment segments such as lotteries and quizzes.
End of a cosplay show, just announced the winners

Cosplay photoshoot

Stage filled with cosplayers

“Random seat number lottery”

Commercial partnerships

  • Attached sponsors to tournaments, for example changing ‘PUBG tournament’ to ‘Netgear PUBG League’
  • Cooperating with cosplayers to make photos for brands such as Speedseats (gaming chair brand)
  • Attached sponsors to the main stage, featuring them everywhere
Overwatch cosplayer promoting Speedseats gaming chairs.


  • Redirected the tone for the aftermovie.