Guardian Tales


Guardian Tales is an action/adventure game with gacha elements for mobile platforms. I have been responsible mostly for the partner program part and the fanart program, as well as creating some community events like puzzles and quizzes.

Project Details

While working for: Kakao Games Europe B.V.
Platform: iOS/Android
Roles: Community Manager, Online Event organizer, Partner Manager
Software and apps used: Google Workspace, Discord, Jira, Slack, Sprout Social, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Community Events

  • Created several online events for both social media and live streams.

Two years of Guardian Tales means a lot of fan art! Made this mosaic!

In-game stamina is represented by coffee; thought up this idea.

Created a full Guardian Tales quiz to celebrate Guardian Tales’ 2nd anniversary.

Influencer Program

  • Helping to set up guidelines for Youtubers to join our Partner Program with monthly rewards and content sharing through social media.
  • Collecting monthly statistics on partners for retention rate purposes.