Eternal Return


Eternal Return is best described as a MOBA with a Battle Royale ruleset. Eighteen people are dropped on an island and only one can remain. I have been responsible for leading the other Community Managers. Distributing tasks, redirecting content, giving feedback, and creating the community strategy. I also communicate with the developers of the game, providing them with feedback and ideas. Also reinvented the games’ Partner Program, introduced a system where the community can set up community tournaments for rewards, a fanart program, feedback meetings with the community, resolving conflicts, responding to the community, and more.

Project Details

While working for: Kakao Games Europe B.V.
Platform: PC
Roles: Teamleader, Community Manager, Streamer, Online Event organizer, Partner Manager, Social Media Manager
Software and apps used: Company-owned game tool, SteamOS, Google Workspace, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sprout Social, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok, Discord, Jira, Slack

Partner Program

  • Setting up guidelines for Twitch streamers/Youtubers/TikTokers to join our Partner Program with monthly rewards and content sharing through social media.
  • Collecting monthly statistics on partners for retention rate purposes.
  • Organizing partner-exclusive online events like esports tournaments and holiday specials.
  • Improving monthly rewards to keep partners and other content creators excited.

First step to set up a 4th of July event for Twitch streamers.

Organizing an esports tournament for partners.

Live streams

  • Thinking up and preparing the content for live streams.
  • Directing several live streams.
  • Joining live stream segments.

Directing a whole esports tournament, keeping track of time, player lobbies, and crew involved with the live stream.

My ‘Skin to win’ concept coming together.

Content Programs

  • Introduced a Community Tournament Program to Eternal Return, enabling players to submit tournaments they plan to organize in exchange for supportive rewards like in-game currency.
  • Introduced a Fan Art Program to Eternal Return, rewarding artists for their work and posting it on social media.
  • Supporting community initiatives.

One of the fan art submissions.

Supporting a community initiative with rewards to improve ranked play.

Supporting tournaments

Player sentiment

Collecting feedback

Community enjoying me joining their games

Community enjoying me joining their games

People preferring to take their feedback to me

People making jokes about me for losing a game easily

Colleague denied, me named as better alternative as a joke