An MMORPG for PC, which launched in 2021. Elyon was the first game I worked on as a Community Manager, responsible for getting in touch with Twitch streamers and Youtubers, resolving conflicts, responding to the community, setting up online events, moderator management, helping out with live streams, content schedules for the website, and more.

Project Details

While working for: Kakao Games Europe B.V.
Platform: PC
Roles: Community Manager, Streamer, Online Event organizer, Partner Manager, Social Media Manager, Website editing
Software and apps used: Company-owned CMS, Company-owned game tool, SteamOS, Steam Reviews, Google Workspace, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sprout Social, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, Jira, Slack

Reddit Ask-Me-Anything

  • Hosted an AMA between potential players and a developer on the subreddit /mmorpg
  • Kept the mood lighthearted while questions and answers were being live translated from English to Korean and Korean to English.
  • Full AMA can be found here.

Closed Beta Tests & Events

  • Organized multiple in-game events during CBT1 and CBT2. Prepared, tested, scheduled, executed, and reported on each of them.
  • “Fly High Through The Sky”; fly as close as you can to point B starting from point A
  • “Dungeons with CMs”; play dungeons with community managers at set times
  • “A Song of Fire and Snow”; give players snow/fire items, Community Managers spawn on a big dragon, going to war with the other faction.
  • Character Creation Contest
  • “The Reigning Slayer”; an overpowered character playing the Slayer class (played by Community Managers) shows up on the servers and kills players. Players had to work together to kill the Community Manager.
  • “Rise of the Monster Killers”; Community Managers teaming up with players, unlocking the open world bosses (normally a hard-to-obtain item is needed) and fighting them all while riding on cute cat mounts.
  • “Rage Against A Machine”; Going to war with and against Community Managers in the center of the map, where the biggest open world boss spawns for extra distraction.

Winner of character creation contest

“Rise of the Monster Killers”

Live streams on launch

  • “In-between segment” of live stream where I was transformed into an orc by a professional cosplayer, constantly being interviewed about the progress and talking about Elyon.
  • Live stream segment doing ‘Dimensional Portal’, a type of dungeon.

Cosplayer “Lucid Belle” transforming me into an orc for Elyon’s launch.

Steam Reviews

  • Responded to Steam reviews, both positive and negative ones.


  • Wrote several articles for the Elyon website and SteamOS to inform players about game features

Player sentiment

People talking about their favorite Closed Beta moments

Getting ready to play dungeons with the community

Players jokingly planning to flirt with me in-game

Lots of love on Discord

Appreciating us joining in to play with them, but also making fun of our lack of skills

Influencer Program

  • Setting up guidelines for Twitch streamers/Youtubers to join our Partner Program with monthly rewards and content sharing through social media.
  • Collecting monthly statistics on partners for retention rate purposes.