Organized 8 physical editions and 2 online editions, volunteered for 8 editions. CampZone is an 11 day gaming vacation; groups of people set up an army tent, fill it with their PC’s, attach a party tent to it for their kitchen and chill area, and then spend their vacation playing games, joining tournaments, joining side activities, barbecuing and socializing. Each edition has between 1,750 and 2,500 participants.

Project Details

While working for: Duh-Events B.V.
Roles: Event Manager, Crew Manager, Main Stage, Side Activities, Website, Sales
Software and apps used: WordPress, Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, Vegas Pro, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Discord

Event strategy

  • Deciding upon content for the event like tournament, side activities, and stage shows.
  • Planning all content over 11 days, making sure there are enough volunteers.
  • Creating a floorplan for the event where people can set up their bases
  • Creating a plan where to hang sponsored material such as fence banners, beach flags, etc.

Alutent for guests

  • Created the ‘Tent Voor Tentloze Nerds’ (Tent for nerds without a tent) where people without a friend group could join, as well as guests like streamers, cosplayers, and press, enabling the possibility to provide more content during the event.
  • Inviting Twitch streamers to stream from this tent.
Streamer ‘KaosApe’ in the ‘Tent Voor Tentloze Nerds’

Main Stage in the ‘Main Tent’

  • Hosting the prize ceremony of the event for multiple editions.
  • Organizing multiple Cosplay Contests, including stage fire, photoshoots, videoshoots, and self-made projector content (photo/video).
  • Commercial stage moments for clients like Rabobank and Deloitte.
  • Entertainment segments such as bingo, ‘Low Tech Cosplay’, ‘Powerpoint Karaoke’, quizzes, and more.
  • Hosting 90’s party’s and cover bands.
‘Low Tech Cosplay’; create something new with cheap material in a few hours and present it on stage.

Cosplayer ‘Stickweeds’ striking a pose

90s party

Quiz night

Bingo night

Tournament and side activities

  • Deciding on which tournaments to organize for each edition, including deciding upon prizing per tournament
  • Deciding upon and coming up with fun side-activities such as ‘Soap Soccer’, Archery Tag, ‘Bubble Soccer’, Real Life Duck Hunt, and even a whole CampZone Fair.
Soap Soccer

Real Life Duck Hunt

CampZone Fair


  • Redirected the tone for the aftermovie.