ArcheAge Unchained


An MMORPG for PC. For ArcheAge (free to play) and ArcheAge Unchained (subscription), I was responsible for leading the other Community Managers. Distributing tasks, redirecting content, giving feedback, and creating the direction to go in. Also setting up the Discord, getting in touch with Twitch streamers and Youtubers, resolving conflicts, responding to the community, moderator management, content schedules for the website, and more.

Project Details

While working for: Kakao Games Europe B.V.
Platform: PC
Roles: Teamleader, Community Manager, Streamer, Online Event organizer, Partner Manager, Social Media Manager, Website editing
Software and apps used: Company-owned CMS, Company-owned game tool, SteamOS, Google Workspace, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sprout Social, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, Jira, Slack

Live streams

  • Prepared the content for several livestreams.


  • Wrote several articles for the ArcheAge website and SteamOS to inform players about game features

Player sentiment

Player calling me a reliable source for questions

Initiating an AMA due to many questions being unanswered, resolving that issue

Getting bombarded with questions about the AMA where questions actually are getting answered

Trying to resolve issues as fast as possible

Being defended by a player when things go wrong